Academic achievement paves the way to a good job, self-sufficiency, and the earned success we all want for our children

After-School Program

FHF’s afterschool program tutors and provides curriculum support to refugee children from kindergarten through eighth grade at no cost. A quality education is a key to a child’s future success. Academic achievement paves the way to a good job, self-sufficiency, and the earned success we all want for our children.

As refugee children adjust to life in the US, they face daunting challenges academically. During their first years in the U.S., the children must learn English and adapt to a new environment. Additionally, many children have gaps in their education due to violence and dislocation which sets them behind their peers in school. At FHF, our desire is to partner with these students, along with their families and teachers, to provide the support needed to improve academic performance. Through our after-school program, we have seen our students’ grades significantly increase in as little as three months.

Adult Computer Class

Computer Training has never been easier! Whether it is computer training for your handheld, desktop or laptop, the Community Technology Center’s (CTC) Computer classes offers more choices for learning computers for all ages.

We provide flexible computer classes with courses ranging from entry level to advance in the following programs:

  • Computer readiness
  • Introduction to personal computers
  • Typing
  • Basic – intermediate internet & e-mail
  • Productivity software including
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • FrontPage
    • Publisher

Youth Development Program

Youth Development programs prepare refugee children to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood through a structured, progressive series of activities to help them grow socially, emotionally, ethically, physically, and cognitively.

FHF youth development program provides the broad developmental support necessary for our refugee students as they complete school and find viable employment. This support includes caring relationships, safe places and activities, physical and mental guidance, service and civic opportunities and spiritual foundations. Rather than focusing on negative indicators such as teenage pregnancy or high-school dropout rates, our approach focuses on fostering our refugee students to help them achieve positive outcomes in their lives.

Summer Program

FHF’s Summer Program is designed to help children and young adults adjust socially and academically to the U.S. academic environment.

We provide these programs to refugee, immigrant, and at-risk children free of charge. Throughout our summer program, children participate in:

  • Technology camp
  • Academic camp
  • Sports camp
  • Community interaction
  • Team building